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Trophy Taker Option 6

Option 6 Sight Review

Option Archery Option 6

We have been looking at Option Archery ever since we saw their products at the ATA show in January 2016.  Option Archery is a company that isn’t afraid to think outside the box and their ingenuity shows that in their new product offerings.  But it takes more than ingenuity to make a…

Fast Eddie XL

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Review

Fast Eddie XL Review

Here is the down and dirty on the Fast Eddie XL

(you can find info on the new 2017 line up here)

Spot Hogg

As I have said before Spot Hogg is known for bombproof archery gear. And having almost 30 years in the industry they know what works and what doesn’t. Some…

spot hogg fast eddie xl

Spot Hogg Custom Sights -How to

Spot Hogg Custom Sights

3D season has already started here in Idaho, so what better time to continue with our 2 part series on building custom sights at S&S Archery. This week we will focus on Spot Hogg Custom Sights. You can find out how to build a Black Gold Custom Sight here.

Black Gold Custom Sights

Black Gold Custom Sights -How to build yours

Black Gold Custom Sights at S&S Archery

We do a LOT of bow sights at S&S Archery.  Why?  I think there are 2 reasons. The first is because we KNOW them.  If you call us and ask a question, we don’t have to send the call to a tech or back to the…