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Which TightSpot Quiver is right for you?

Are you trying to decide which Tightspot Quiver is right for you? In this comparison video Justin breaks down the differences between the 5 Arrow Quiver, 7 Arrow Quiver, and whitetail Rise Quiver from TightSpot. Hopefully…

TightSpot 7 Arrow Quiver

In this video we review the Tightspot 7 Arrow Quiver. This quiver is cleverly designed to be compact, lightweight and still have all the same components and features of the 5 arrow quiver, and yet can hold two more…

Tight Spot Rise Quiver

The Tight Spot Rise Quiver is  a high end quiver that matches the special needs of a treestand hunter. It offers an ingenious design that brings the quiver as close as possible to your riser drastically reducing torque and…

Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver

Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver Review

What makes the Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver the best hunting quiver on the market, and the ONLY quiver S&S Archery recommends? In this video review Justin takes a look at what makes the Tightspot 5 Arrow Quiver such…



This binocular tripod adapter is sleek, lightweight and durable. It’s perfect for hunters who are running the Swarovski EL 10×42 or Swarovski SLC 10×42. And who want to use their premium glass on a…

Black Gold Pro Hunter HD

The new Black Gold Pro Hunter HD Sight has us very excited..Why? It’s simple, pin point accuracy.


As with most skills that take time and patience to acquire, backcountry archery hunting, requires confidence.  Confidence in your gear is…

XCM525c removed legs

First Look at the Promaster XC-M 525c tripod

Promaster XC-M 525c Tripod

Hearing that Promaster was coming out with a new series…

tightspot rise hook

TightSpot Rise – A Whitetail Hunter’s Quiver

Don’t Treestand hunters need a quality quiver?

Tightspot has a new, high quality quiver out for 2019 aimed at treestand bow hunters. And why not? Don’t treestand hunters need a good quality quiver? Tightspot is well known to western…

Fast Eddie XL Double Pin

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Double Pin

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

It’s been a couple years since we took a good hard look at one of our best selling bow sights, the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL. New bows are arriving and it’s time to…

Black Gold Pro Review

Black Gold Pro

Black Gold Pro
Weight Matters

This time of year most manufacturers are releasing new products for…

Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct Review. Tough AND smart.

The Garmin Instinct
Who says tough can’t be smart?

Hey, I’ll admit it. I’m one of “those guys”… I have to have the latest greatest techy gear no matter what the cost. And that is why I currently have a …

Carbon Backcountry trekking poles

S&S Archery CL Backcountry Trekking Poles

A note from the owner on why we developed our own backcountry trekking poles-

At S&S…

2018 Tightspot Quiver

2018 Tightspot Quiver

What’s new for the 2018 Tightspot Quiver? The most trusted, tightest fitting, and most…

The Perfect Western Hunting Bow Sight, made Perfecter…

S&S Built Black Gold Verdict Bow Sight

We are constantly trying to find outstanding backcountry gear that offers value and performance. While that may sound easy enough, throw in durability, excellent customer service, and of course lightweight. Now you…

2017 gear Quivalizer with molded hood

New Quivalizer with a Molded Hood

Updated lighter weight Quivalizer with molded hood

I have been using the original Option Archery Quivalizer for a couple years now.  Not only for target and 3d shooting but also for hunting. If you read my…

Kowa 55mm vs Razor 65mm

Kowa TSN-550 55mm Fluorite Crystal Spotting Scope Review

This scope is so important to us that we gathered a few well respected opinions outside of our typical…

tightspot 7 arrow hunting quiver

TighSpot 7 Arrow Quiver

2017 TightSpot 7 Arrow Quiver


I know what you’re saying.. “Why would I need 7 arrows?”  My answer is you don’t, unless you’re a western hunter.

Black Gold Fixed Pin Sight

2017 Black Gold Fixed Pin Sights

Black Gold Fixed Pin Sights

It’s not a huge secret that the adjustable…

S&S Archery’s Ultralight Tripod Guide

Backcountry Ultralight Tripods

S&S Archery has been known for some time as the…

Benro S2 Video Head

Benro S2 Video Head

S&S Archery is constantly looking for high quality, lightweight, yet durable backcountry…