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Hilleberg Enan

Hilleberg Enan. Solo Bomber. 2 pounds.

A 2 lb, bomb-proof, solo backcountry tent?
The Hilleberg Enan.

Aug 29th, 2015.

The night before opening day.

I’m 5 miles in, 9,500 ft, sitting on the top of my favorite ridge, glassing up a decent 6×6 bull who is pestering a small herd of cows.  Not the biggest bull obviously, but…

Corrugate Guide Pants in the Field

First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants Review

First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants

Here at S&S Archery we get a lot of calls from hunters asking for advice on products.  Some of the questions are tough, “How should I tune my bow for broadheads?”, and some of them are super easy.  One of my favorite easy questions is “What hunting pants do…


The Perfect Western Hunting Bow Sight?

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Review

For 2016 Black Gold Archery sights has just released their new line up and in that continues to be the Ascent slider sight. Now renamed the Black Gold Ascent Verdict.   The Ascent has been an extremely popular sight and for a good reasons, its a GREAT sight and affordable.  Two…

Orion coolers 45 with poles attached

Orion Coolers


If you’re like me you’ve seen a lot of the “expensive” coolers out there for a while on the market but couldn’t imagine spending that kind of money on just a cooler. I have a perfectly good Coleman cooler that seems to work fine, why spend the money on something 4…

Ripcord ACE fall away rest

Ripcord Ace Arrow Rest

New for 2015, Ripcord arrow rests has come out with a fall-away rest called the Ripcord ACE. The Ripcord ACE is a cable-actuated rest that, like other fall away rests, is held up in the upright position by the down cable in the last few inches of your draw cycle….

black gold sights

Black Gold Sights for 2016

Black Gold Pure Gold 5 Pin

Pure Gold 75
Picking up the New 2016 Pure Gold 75 sight from Black Gold, the first thing I notice is the solid and refined…

First Lite Fusion Camouflage

New for the fall of 2014 First Lite Wool hunting clothing has come out with their own camouflage pattern; called Fusion.  This pattern was built and designed exclusively for First Lite.  I was able to see this pattern almost a full year in advance of it coming out and I was extremely excited…

New Firstlite Gear for 2014

Back in 2007 Firstlite made a name for themselves by being the first company to bring high-end merino baselayers to the hunting world.  We quickly recognized the performance attributes of merino and have been huge fans of Firstlite ever since.  In 2013 Firstlite introduced their first outerwear pieces; the Uncompahgre Puffy, the …

Rapid Release Binocular Tripod Adapter Review

As a life long mule deer hunter and a guy who loves to spend days with my eyes buried in my binos; I’m a little embarrassed how long it took me to realized the benefits of putting my binos on a tripod.  I always assumed resting my elbows on my knees offered a stable enough view for…

The Best Bino Harness you’ve never heard of

When it comes to bino harnesses, I’ve always been a less is more kinda of guy.  I don’t need or want a small backpack sized compartment on my chest that I’m forced to dig into every time I want to glass something, which is about every 38 seconds.  I simply want to reach down and…

Sawyer Squeeze water filter

Over the years I have bounced around with water filters, purifiers, tablets, iodine, etc.  I always came back to the MSR Hyperflow filter because of it being the lightest,easiest and quickest way for me to get water in the backcountry.   It was a pain in the butt though with maintenance and even with regular…

First Lite Wool new outerwear video reviews

Video reviews of the new Boundary Stormtight Rain Jacket and Uncompahgre Puffy Jacket from First Lite Wool.

New 2013 Tightspot Arrow Quiver

Tightspot has just released their new quiver for 2013.  There aren’t a lot of changes but how can you improve on perfection :).  What they did address was the hood insert, foam has long been the standard to put inside the quiver hood but it definitely has it faults.  Number one on that list is that…

Hilleberg Anjan 2 Backpacking Tent reviewed

I had the pleasure last year to test out and use the new Hilleberg Anjan 2 backpacking tent on a handful of backcountry hunting trips.  After spending more than 20 nights in the tent over the course of 6 weeks I can honestly say it is without a doubt the nicest backcountry hunting tent…

First Lite’s new outerwear; Boundary / Uncompahgre jackets and North Branch pants

First Lite wool for 2013 is coming out with a new line of outerwear targeted at complementing their existing line up of outstanding Merino Wool base layers.  I have personally been a huge fan of First Lite Wool’s Merino base layers for quite a few years now.  When I heard that they were going to come out…

Vanguard PH-111V 2 way fluid pan head

I just did a video review of the new for 2013 Vanguard PH-111V 2 way fluid pan head.  I have been extremely impressed with the head so far and definitely plan on using it this fall.  I have been using the Promaster 6160 for the last 3 years and it has been a…

Black Gold Ascent review of custom options and set up

Here is a two part video I did which will help you decide which options to go with when building a Custom Black Gold Ascent or Ascent Ambush.  I also cover how to properly set up the sight and how to get the correct sight tape put on.

Part 1: