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Don’t make the same mistake: Poison Ivy

Spring Bear Itch

It’s been a few days since I’ve returned from my spring bear hunt here in Idaho. Spring bear hunting has become one of my favorite hunts of the season. The calmness of the game, the spectacular views, and…

backcountry hunting backpack

Backcountry Hunting Gear List – by Justin Nelson

Backcountry Hunting Gear List

When it comes to the backcountry, having a simple yet…

EL Range TA with Forehead rest

Swarovski EL Range TA -First Look


Here’s a situation that we’ve all been in. You turn up a buck bedded across the canyon. You spend all morning getting over to him, but when you get close you’re not sure which…

Use Your Quiver to Balance your Bow

Find balance.  Seems like a pretty vague goal but in archery there are dozens of products aimed at helping you do just that.  Finding the perfect combination of stabilizers, weights, offsets, and angles so that your bow sits…

Spot Hogg MRT sight rings

Spot Hogg Multiple Ring Technology: What is it and Why Does is Matter?

I would argue that no one experiences more variable lighting conditions than bowhunters. From those crucial minutes before sunrise and sunset, to popping into and out of timber pockets chasing elk, the ability to adapt in changing light and maintain…

Steve Speck Looking through swarovski EL SLC and Vortex razor hd binoculars on slik and sirui tripods with VA-5 Video heads

Tripod Glassing Tips

In recent years tripod glassing has become the new normal in western hunting (for good reason!).  Whether you’ve been doing it forever or it is brand new to you this article lines out some tripod glassing tips that aim to…

Black Gold Sight Bases: Which is best for your build?

Black Gold offers a wide variety of mounting options for…

Black Gold Dual Indicator System: Gimmick or Great?

A few months ago Black Gold released their new Dual Indicator System. First featured on their Mountain Lite sight, it is now an available option on all their Ascent…

ascent mountain lite

Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite

Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite 

Before we get to the Black Gold Mountain Lite, we need to look at our favorite sight, the Black Gold Verdict. …

rangefinder judges

2019 Optics Demo Results

S&S Archery lets YOU decide “What’s the best rangefinder”?

Our annual optics demo at the NW Mountain challenge @ Tamarack, Idaho is a perfect example of why you…

sight in a black gold sight

How to Sight in a Black Gold Adjustable Sight

Sighting in a Black Gold Sight – Updated for Dual Indicator Sights

Find our notes on setting up your Dual Indicator at the end... Sighting in a Black Gold sight should be easy, but for some it can be confusing….

Black Gold Sight need more left

Help! I need more left windage on my Black Gold sight!

More Left!!

Are you trying to setup your Black Gold sight, and finding that you need more left windage? This is a problem that is becoming more common with increasing riser widths. But fear not, most of the…

Whats the best stabilizer for your hunting bow?

Do you REALLY need a stabilizer on your hunting bow?

A good stabilizer performs 2 jobs. Primarily its purpose is to stabilize your bow, and…

New Slik Tripods for 2019

2019 Tripods from Slik for Backcountry Hunting

Out with the old Slik tripods, and in with the new? Well sort of. We have been carrying our 2 favorite Slik tripods for years. Actually for 8 years!  Even when Slik…

Carbon Backcountry trekking poles

S&S Archery CL Backcountry Trekking Poles

A note from the owner on why we developed our own backcountry trekking poles-

At S&S…

2018 Spot Hogg Updates

2018 Spot Hogg Updates


2018 Spot Hogg Sights and Releases

What is new in 2018 for the toughest line of bow sights on the market?

The Perfect Western Hunting Bow Sight, made Perfecter…

S&S Built Black Gold Verdict Bow Sight

We are constantly trying to find outstanding backcountry gear that offers value and performance. While that may sound easy enough, throw in durability, excellent customer service, and of course lightweight. Now you…

2018 ATA Show Highlights

The Best of the 2018 ATA Show

The ATA show is the annual archery trade show usually held back east.  Its one of our favorite events where we get to see our friends in the industry, talk to potential vendors and…

First Lite Layering

First Lite Layering System

Layering First Lite Merino Wool

So, what’s all the hype about “layering systems” and merino wool?  After all, plenty of animals have been killed by guys wearing blue jeans and a flannel shirt.  It wasn’t until I…

First Lite Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket

New 2017 First Lite Gear

Every year First Lite raises the bar with new high tech clothing designed with hunters in mind. 2017 is no different. First Lite has expanded their very popular Aerowool line, added key outerwear gear designed for women, and even threw…