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mounting bow sight

how to: Setup your new Bow Sight

So you just got your new bow sight (hopefully from S&S Archery) and you’re ready to get it setup.  In this article we’re going to take you step by step through the process that we use to set up our bows.  We’ll also be using some videos that we’ve created…

spot hogg fast eddie xl

Spot Hogg Custom Sights -How to

Spot Hogg Custom Sights

3D season has already started here in Idaho, so what better time to continue with our 2 part series on building custom sights at S&S Archery. This week we will focus on Spot Hogg Custom Sights. You can find out how to build a Black Gold Custom Sight here.

Black Gold Custom Sights

Black Gold Custom Sights -How to build yours

Black Gold Custom Sights at S&S Archery

We do a LOT of bow sights at S&S Archery.  Why?  I think there are 2 reasons. The first is because we KNOW them.  If you call us and ask a question, we don’t have to send the call to a tech or back to the…

ATA Show 2016

ATA Show 2016

Hey Insiders!

Steve and I just got back from the ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show in Louisville, KY.  Its a ton of fun, and full of the newest gear from all over the country.  All the major bow manufacturers are there, along with other vendors of bow sights, rests, releases… you get…

Jason’s 2014 Gear List for DIY Backcountry Hunting

Like Steve, I’m always getting phone calls and messages asking for opinions on backpacking and hunting gear.  Most of the time my recommendations for people lean towards what I use personally; which is constantly evolving.  The following is my current gear list and what I’ll be heading into the hills with for spring bear hunts…

My 2013 Gear list

I meant to type this up back in August but got busy just getting ready for seasons to start.  Now here in between early and late archery seasons I figured it would be a good time.  My total pack weight this year was 23lbs for a 3 day trip- minus water.  This is basically everything…

Second and Third Axis tuning for bowsights

Here is a video I did with Levi Day from Train to Hunt on how to properly set up and adjust your second and third axis for your bowsight.  I also go into some detail about why this is important and as bowhunters why we need to be doing it.