First Lite Layering

First Lite Layering System

Layering First Lite Merino Wool

So, what’s all the hype about “layering systems” and merino wool?  After all, plenty of animals have been killed by guys wearing blue jeans and a flannel shirt.  It wasn’t until I finally had the chance to experience quality technical hunting gear that I became a believer….

2017 Optics Shootout Results

2017 Optics Shootout

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get binoculars and spotting scopes from Leica, Swarovski, Kowa and Vortex. Line them up and have a whole bunch of folks compare them head to head? Who do you think would come out on top?  We were curious, so we…

Kowa 55mm vs Razor 65mm

Kowa TSN-550 55mm Fluorite Crystal Spotting Scope Review

This scope is so important to us that we gathered a few well respected opinions outside of our typical review. First is our review, followed by some well respected hunter’s opinions.

Rob’s review:

Kowa TSN-553 55mm…

Kowa TSN-550 Prominar 55mm Fluorite Crystal Spotting Scope preview

Its finally here!

We are very excited to be one of the very first to have our hands on the new, highly anticipated Kowa TSN-553 (angled) and TSN-554 Prominar spotting scope with a pure fluorite crystal 55mm objective lens. As backcountry backpack hunters we are constantly on the lookout for high end…

tightspot 7 arrow hunting quiver

TighSpot 7 Arrow Quiver

2017 TightSpot 7 Arrow Quiver


I know what you’re saying.. “Why would I need 7 arrows?”  My answer is you don’t, unless you’re a western hunter.

Adjust it!

First Lite Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket

New 2017 First Lite Gear

Every year First Lite raises the bar with new high tech clothing designed with hunters in mind. 2017 is no different. First Lite has expanded their very popular Aerowool line, added key outerwear gear designed for women, and even threw in a couple surprises no one saw coming!  Lets get right into it, starting with…

S&S Archery Backcountry Approved Gear

Backcountry Approved Gear from S&S Archery


S&S Archery is always testing new products in search of the best possible gear for the Backcountry Hunter. We recommend and use all of the products in our online store,…


SLC vs Razor

Swarovski SLC vs Vortex Razor HD


SLC vs Razor

Is it worth spending the extra money for the Swarovski SLC binoculars over the Vortex Razors HD’s?  I’ve wondered this myself….

Kowa 77mm Spotting Scope Comparison and Review

Kowa TSN-773 77mm Spotting Scope

How did we come to comparing the Kowa 77mm spotting scope against the rest of the high end 65mm spotters? Well, about a year ago I made the…

2017 Spot Hogg Hunting Gear

What’s new for Spot Hogg in 2017 for hunters?  
As it turns out, quite a lot!  

The Keeton

A brand new index finger/wrist strap/integrated-grip release. Sounds…

Black Gold Fixed Pin Sight

2017 Black Gold Fixed Pin Sights

Black Gold Fixed Pin Sights

It’s not a huge secret that the adjustable Black Gold Verdict, and Pure are some of the best adjustable sights available…

2017 Black Gold sights are here!

2017 Black Gold sights are here!

Starting today, Oct 28th 2016, we’ll be shipping out only 2017 sights! New images and prices have been posted, so get in and get yours now!  Here are the changes for 2017:

Rob’s 2016 gear list

Hey Insiders!

We’re halfway through September 2016, and after having ample opportunity to use my current setup, I thought I would share it. About 30 to 40 lbs depending on how much I leave home, this is for a 3-4 night trip, usually 3-5 miles in. I’ll also add some notes to each item on my list…

S&S Archery’s Ultralight Tripod Guide

Backcountry Ultralight Tripods

S&S Archery has been known for some time as the best source for backcountry ultralight tripods and heads at the best possible price. We carry…

Benro S2 Video Head

Benro S2 Video Head

S&S Archery is constantly looking for high quality, lightweight, yet durable backcountry gear.  Every once in awhile we strike gold.  Finding a product that meets our requirements…

First Lite Aerowool Real World Reveiw

First Lite Aerowool vs Exo Mountain Gear Death Hike




I recently got a chance to test the extremes of the Wilkin QZ Aerowool top, and Dobson Boxers from First Lite.  Why do…

New 2016 First Lite Gear


In 2016 First Lite continues it’s innovative approach to hunting apparel. Adding more sizes, expanding their women’s lineup and adding a new super fabric is just the beginning. They have also added new rain gear, cold weather gear, and even an ultralight puffy.  Here is the scoop on the new 2016 First Lite products.


One of the…

Trophy Taker Quivalizer at the Range

Option Archery Quivalizer: Game changer or gimmick?

First Look

I first looked at the Quivalizer at my local bow shop about a year ago.  Being an analytical kind of guy, it made perfect sense and i was anxious to try it.  Then I saw some negative comments on Facebook and dismissed it as a gimmick,…

mounting bow sight

how to: Setup your new Bow Sight

So you just got your new bow sight (hopefully from S&S Archery) and you’re ready to get it setup.  In this article we’re going to take you step by step through the process that we use to set up our bows.  We’ll also be using some videos that we’ve created…

Trophy Taker Option 6

Option 6 Sight Review

Option Archery Option 6

We have been looking at Option Archery ever since we saw their products at the ATA show in January 2016.  Option Archery is a company that isn’t afraid to think outside the box and their ingenuity shows that in their new product offerings.  But it takes more than ingenuity to make a…